Le Songe de la Pangée
Single channel video|7'37"


“盤古夢”是部利用摺紙的過程來探索記憶如何運作的錄像作品。電影的敘事 部署與再現,一直是我的創作手段。我喜歡從個人記憶、道聽途說、大眾媒體文 化中,尋找並從中提取符號、象徵、與其含義,再將之加以編寫成劇本,而電影語 言、符碼與機制是我說故事的工具。如何利用摺紙的過程來再現電影機制語言, 表現記憶的形成,是這部短片的發想源頭。

一切都從一個平面開始。摺紙,意味著重複的疊壓與舒張。也就是說,利用最原 始的工具:以一雙手重複地翻轉、疊壓、舒張一張紙,使其在多重幾何花樣變異 中,漸從平面成為立體。經由這個過程,時間終被顯現、被感知。摺紙所展現出來 的敘事過程,彷彿是一種記憶運作的示範,與歷史成形的方式。

片中故事是以主觀視角描述在象島上的一段旅行。劇本著重在鋪陳文字中的 符號與象徵,藉以表現出摺紙幾何變化中的敘事性,並同時利用紀錄片式的聲 音材料,目的是讓文字、聲音與影像,能相互產生指涉的可能以及聯想的觸點, 進而誘發觀眾產生心理影像。

Trying to recall the trip in Ko Tao, I seemed to see the formation of the world...

Pangaea Dream is a video work trying to explore “how does the memory work” through the process of paper folding. The cinematic narrative dispositif and representation have been my focus of thinking during the creation. I like to look for and extract signs, symbols, and their meanings from personal memories, hearsays, and mass media cultures and then integrate them in a script. Cinematic languages and apparatus are my tools to tell stories. The source of the creative idea for this short lm is how to represent the experience of cinema and show the formation of memories through the process of paper folding.
Everything begins with a plane paper. Paper folding means repeated folding, pressing, and spreading; in other words, a pair of hands manipulating a piece of paper so that it is repeatedly turned over, folded, pressed, and spread, transforming from a plane into something three-dimensional in the multiple geometric design variations. Through this process, time is revealed and perceived. In fact, from the film-like narrative process presented by paper folding, I seem to start to understand how memories work and how history is formed.

This film is subjectively described in text how the world operates from the first-person view. This leading character without “image” is created based on the perception and description of memories and reality. To present the descriptiveness of the geometric changes of paper folding, the script focuses on how to arrange the signs and symbols in the text stories, how to use sound materials and special effects to create a documentary-like feeling, and how this text and sounds can be combined with the changes and states presented by paper folding to generate possible interactions and touch points for association, in order to trigger the images inside viewer’s mind.